The Best Things in Life are Free

…Like waking up to find out that you won free makeup!2010-04-22

…and not having to stress about what to cook because the hubby treats you to lunch! (ok, not exactly free, but the time spent together is! ♥♥♥ )IMG_1070

…and getting free Starbucks from my credit card issuer! (not exactly free either, since you do some damage on your card first. but still, at least they give something back! haha)IMG_1084

…and spending a stress-free weekend with my little Cupcake! staying home and pigging out on cheap cotton candy and the SUUUPER YUMMY mango icebox cake mama sent us. =)IMG_1087

aaah, yes. lazy weekends are the best! ;)


Miss♥Nikka said...

Congrats on winning the contest! :]

BTW, what did you get in starbucks? The one on the right. Never seen it before. 0.o

Mikki Aragon said...

Thanks Miss♥Nikka!

The drink is a Mango Passion Fruit blended juice drink. ;)

My baby's name is Nikka too, btw! Short for Jenikka. =)

Em said...

yay for you for winning the contest! *love love* and yep, stress free weekend are the best esp when spent with the most important people in your life :)


your baby is sooooo cute!! <3

Miss♥Nikka said...

Hehe, Thanks for replying. It look so good and I thought it was mango but I never knew they sell those at starcucks.

Awww your baby has a cute name. My name is Veronica, I dont know why my nickname is spelled Nikka instead of Nica.

Ritalime said...

Your daughter is so pretty!!! And like my daddy always says, "The best kind of stuff is free stuff." :D

Chezka said...

suya kos mac lipsticks ki..... waaah!!! :(

Kim Neill said...

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Much love Kimberley xxx

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