I won!!!

…And I thought I had the worst luck when it came to raffles! I guess not! And what better way to break the bad luck (or imagined bad luck) than by winning me some MAC lippies!

I just found out that I won The Real Deal Reviews’ MAC Lipstick Giveaway! Yippeeee! *happy dance*

Look how anal I am. I have my wish list on excel, complete with categories and prices, and formulas that automatically sum up the damage I’ll be making. LOL


Anyways, as my prize, I get to pick 2 Lipsticks from MAC, so I figured I’d tick some wishes off my list. I picked:

PINK NOUVEAUimage …because whether this is “so last season” or not, I effin’ love pink.

SHY GIRLimage…because I’m a huge sucker for nude lippies. 

Big thanks to Ann of The Real Deal Reviews!! =)


Leah ♥ said...

Congrats Mikki!!!

I have pink noveau and I love it!!! Ive been wanting to try shy girl for the longest though hehe

Ida said...

Getting to pick two MAC lippies- super nice prize! Congrats :D

Sara.H said...

Congrats :D WOW

angelamhiere said...

congrats!!! ^__^

Iyah said...

woohooo!!!!! COngratulations!!! That's so cool!!! <3

Britton-Lee said...

That's awesome you won that :) Congrats!
Love your blog, very cute,

Ritalime said...

Thanks for the follow!
Followed you back, and I love your blog. Also, congratulations on winning the giveaway. :D

xbbkay said...

congrats, shy girl is one of my personal favourite lipstick.

reeskie ♥ said...

congrats on the win!!!

I can't believe you made a wish list on excel that's crazy lol. you're definitely a true lover of make up!!

sugar sugar said...

Thanks for following my blog and congratz! :3

Your wishlist is so cute! Haha!

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