En Route to Naturally Happy Skin!

Ok, so I was gonna wait a while longer before posting this, but I got too excited.
I've been having the "THIS IS IT!" feeling, and I wanted to share this with all of you.

It was 2 weeks ago when i blogged about some skin care products that helped clear up my acne. Shortly after i put up that post, & shortly after I started with the Tea Tree oil by Jason, I started getting hooked on the whole natural skin care bit.

After scouring the net for information, I decided to try out the OIL CLEANSING METHOD (OCM). This method uses only Castor oil and some other natural oils to cleanse, exfoliate, & moisturize your skin. Feedback was very encouraging, and I figured it was time to rest my skin from all the chemical astringents, and skin peels, and zit creams. I (reluctantly) hid what was left of my Local Obagi, and picked up a couple of things from the grocery store to replace my skin care system.

I know the Oil Cleansing Method sounds pretty insane, but come to think of it, it does make sense. One of chemistry's basic rules of thumb is "Like dissolves like", and i guess the OCM goes by this rule.

Anyways, here's what I have been using on my face for the past 3 or 4 days:
Dickinsons Original Witch Hazel Pore perfecting Toner 100% All natural Formula ~ PHP 309.00 for 10 FL OZ {Healthy Options}
Peter & Paul Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil ~ PHP 141.00 for 250 ml {available at most grocery depts.}
Dona Elena Extra Virgin olive Oil ~ PHP 129.00 for 250 ml {available at most grocery depts.}
Castor Oil PHP 34.00 for 60 ml {available at most grocery depts. or pharmacies}
for hygienic purposes, i transfered the oils into 60 ml pump bottles. makes it easier to dispense the oil too.. =)
i lllooooove this stuff!!! cute koala too. =)
Here's what I've been doing:
  1.  Mix 3 pumps Castor Oil with 1 to 2 pumps EVOO or coconut oil. (the ratio would depend on your skin type, more castor oil for those with oily skin, less for those w/dry skin)
  2. Massage on my face for a good 3 minutes...sometimes longer if I'm not feeling lazy. Massage it like you would with your regular cleansing cream.
  3. Wash off what I can with some warm water. (Ideally the OCM skips this step altogether, but I'm still having withdrawal symptoms from using soap on my face at this point, and I still look for the foamy, bubbly feeling on my face. haha ..so I use a TINY pump of Celeteque Facial Wash just to wash the oil off.)
  4. Moisten a cotton ball with some Witch Hazel toner to get rid of any residue, and to calm any inflammation, etc..
  5. Dab some tea tree oil on the pimples.
I've been doing this 2x a day for 4 days now.
If i'm going out, I'll follow up with my sunscreen/moisturizer/bb cream or whatever I'm using on my face that day.
Upon starting the OCM, I had 3 big pimples near my hairline, 1 on my temple, 1 above my upper lip, and 1 on my chin. As of today, ALL six pimples are healed, blackheads and whiteheads are significantly reduced, skin is softer, smoother, and just healthier overall! Even the hubby noticed!!! 
I have really high hopes for this new regimen! Hopefully it will continue to work for me. =)

Has anyone else tried the OCM? Let me know how it worked for you!

Ps. Google Castor Oil, EVOO, and Virgin Coconut Oil!! You will be amazed at the list of health benefits these oils have!

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Sawan's Giveaway + ♥Hubby Love♥

First of all, Laura of sawan-heaven.blogspot.com is having an awesome giveaway!! Just look at what's up for grabs! Click HERE to find out more.
photo taken from sawan-heaven.blogspot.com

One of the contest rules was to say something about your hunny bunny, how long you've been together, etc..etc.. I thought it was really interesting, and decided I'd share my answer with everyone!

The hubby and I met when we were 12, and have officially been "together" since we 13, way back August 2000. We finally tied the knot in July 2007. We'll be celebrating 10 years this August!! 

And here's the evidence of our EVOLUTION through the years...
We get our picture taken every year on our birthday (which we both happen to celebrate on the 16th of October -- what a coinkidink!)....

...in good times, and in FAT times....LOL 
here goes! (excuse the crappy scanned pics)

2001 -- ugh. nevermind the eyebrows





2006 -- twenteens

2007 -- see the 7 month baby bump?


2008 -- with Cupcake now!

2009 -- with cupcake

...and looky who made the paper last Valentines!
Cebu Daily News, Sunday, February 14, 2010


remembering ♥Miracle Day♥

April 28 is my "miracle day"; the day i found out i was pregnant 3 years ago. :)
It still really amazes me when i think about how three whole years have passed since that day, how much things have changed for the better, and how much my Cupcake has made the world brighter and more beautiful for me.♥♥♥
our baby pics! 
top row: the hubby (1st two pics on the left), me (next two)
bottom row: Cupcake at 1 year old

TFS Cushion Touch Jelly Tint

Always on the hunt for a less expensive lip gloss to replace my Sövage Lip Plumper, I thought I'd give this product a try.

THE FACE SHOP's Cushion Touch Jelly Tint #02 Cherry
photo borrowed from http://www.thefaceshopen.com/

They say (quoted from website):
CONCEPT: Turns your thin lips into full plumped sexy lips that every man is dying for.

DESCRIPTION: A lip treatment designed to plump your lips for lasting fullness by stimulating circulation. Additions of skin-friendly mango butter and avocado oil help nourish chapped lips with soothing property.

I say:

C...for the pretty pink color that looks nice & healthy, natural, and not overdone
C...it smoothed out/filled in the fine lines on my lips
C...smells and tastes nice
C...personally like the applicator, as i find it to be more hygienic than foam doe foot ones
C...hugs your lips really well, lasts pretty long
C...budget friendly at only PHP 355.00

D...no fresh, tingly feeling on my lips
D...comes in a very limited range of colors 

The search goes on for a lip product i will love more or at least as much as my precious Sövage, but the TFS Cushion Touch Jelly Tint isn't bad at all. I actually really like this stuff. If it came in more colors, i would definitely buy more. 
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  

Shen's 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!!

Thought I'd join in the fun...
to find out more, click here.

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Thanks to LittoMokaa!!!
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Little J on the drums..

Project: WeHaveIt43

♥mix & koox♥

spent the afternoon at the mall with my not so baby sister, Mikka, or 'Koox', as I like to call her.

well, i was either so engrossed in our exchange of vain ideas, and juicy stories, or just so refreshed by the mere presence of estrogen (being married and living with a guy can turn you into a dork. LOL), that this is the ONLY picture i took ALL AFTERNOON.
yeah, coz you really need to see what we had for merienda, right? whattaloseriam. hehe

tsk tsk tsk...and to think i got all dolled up for the mall. PFFFT. I am a disgrace to the camwhore community. 

anyways, things just got me thinking about how rarely i get to see my sis, and how grown up she is now! (and how i hope she turns out more sane than i did. LOL) so i was getting all sentimental, and decided to rummage thru some old pictures...
Back in the day,  FEATHERS and TROLL shaped stick on tattoos were cool.
That's me, and little 'pan de sal' cheeks over there. This was taken for Sinulog'95, I think.

we have smile detector. yeah, we're cool like that.
2008. two years ago, already? time flies.

..and to prove that we are not complete retards, here's my sister all glammed up for her  senior prom... hair and makeup care of moi, of course...

gorgeous, yes? why of course, it's in the blood, babe. 

L'egere Multi BB Cream

I am a huge skeptic when it comes to face stuff i.e. commercial skin care and especially cosmetic foundation. I've tried MAC, Shu Uemura, and most of the drugstore brands too, and well, they all feel like makeup to me. To date, I have only been able to wear one kind of liquid foundation comfortably, and that's the Revlon Colorstay... and only because I needed to wear foundation at the time to cover up nasty zit marks.

If i had things my way,(and if there werent any blemishes to hide) i wouldn't wear foundation at all. There's just something freeing about not having to wear any cover-up. But oh well, not everyone can have naturally flawless skin. Sucks to be me. haha

Anyhooser, that's pretty much the reason why it took me forever to finally take the plunge on the makeup fad that is BB Cream. But i did, anyways (blogger and youtube are to blame. LOL =D).

Happy happy me when the package was delivered last Saturday!
I've only used this once since i got it, so i can't really say for sure if it works for me. So far, so good, though!I'll keep you posted on any feedback once i've used this long enough.

Shout out to Wehaveit43 for being such a charm to do business with! 
Thanks for the freebie, as well! Sa uulitin, sis!

Wehaveit43 carries other BB Cream brands like BRTC, Missha, Skin79, etc, etc... 
She's got some other Asian beauty stuff too.
And lucky ladies in NCR, she has a physical store!!
check out:
Wang Lai Mart

876-D Banawe Street Barangay Siena,
Quezon City (beside Hapchan Restaurant)

and for everyone else:

hmmm, true, the whole BB craze can be addictive. I'm thinking about trying a few other brands now. BRTC and the hot pink one from SKIN 79 are next on the list. HAHA
...or maybe it's the rush i get from getting a package in the mail. LOL


nails: pink-purple gradient

thought i'd give the digits a break from my usual black/red, and try something sweet and girly...

Here's what I used:
1. SNOWGLITZ (Bobbie)
2. ROSE PINK (Caress)
3. PP406 (The Face Shop)
4. PK 105 (The Face Shop)
5. IRIS GEM (Princessa)

and how i did it:
1. Paint the entire nail with the lightest shade.
2. Go over the upper 2/3 of your nail w/ a pale pink polish.
3. Paint the tips with a dark purple polish.
4. Go over the purple with a dark pink polish and bring it down about half way through the pale pink...

5. Go over the entire nail with a nice glittery polish, and your favorite top coat, and that's it!


...are fun days!
Here's the hubby and Cupcake --- hungry twosome at Persian Kebab. 

mango lassi, blended ice tea, curry & kebab platters, cheese fritters w/ mango chutney... (dhal curry and garlic naan - not in pictures)

After feeding ze appetite,  it was time to burn off ze calories. And so off to World of Fun we went. Cupcake had so much fun. She gave us a work out chasing after her, that's for sure!

Don't mess with my baby!!

..And since she follows everything I do, we got her a little "laptop", too! 


skin care update.

If there is one thing i am really particular about it's my skin. Sadly, that's the one thing that acts up like nuts when i'm stressed out. An even bigger pain in the ass are the red/purplish marks I'm left with when the zits are gone.

But here are some stuff that's been helping keep me clear lately:
1. Local Obagi → this stuff really, really works!! The kit contains a bar of Kojic soap, clarifying toner, medicated astringent, peeling cream, and bleaching cream for the zit marks, and a day cream w/ placenta and SPF 30. This dried up the zits, pronto! The ONLY downside, in my opinion, is that it can be a bit drying, and the slight peeling can be annoying... However, it's nothing a good moisturizer can't fix. Results are definitely worth it!
Get your own local obagi kit from Pam at http://pamelarose.multiply.com/. She has a list of her provincial resellers on her multiply, too. One kit sells for PhP750.

2. Nutraplus Cream → My dermatologist prescribed the lotion version of this to get rid of the razor bumps and ingrown hair I used to have on my legs. I remember it worked like a dream--- no more razor bumps and ingrown hair AT ALL, and it really did an awesome job at moisturizing my skin. So i figured, it'll probably work on my face too. And it does! It's a no fuss, straight to the point moisturizer; no fancy smell or pretty packaging. But this stuff helps with the peeling, keeps my face nice and moisturized with out causing an oil slick, and it doesn't break me out either.
 you can get this at any pharmacy.It's by GALDERMA, and costs PhP430 something for 100g.

And here are some other skin stuff I'm trying out:
QH Mint Julep Masque ~ PhP320 something @ Healthy Options
 I am a sucker for face masks!! I used to always use my mom's St.Ive's Clay Mask when i was younger. hehehe. The QH Mint Julep Masque seems to be a cult favorite, and Healthy Options FINALLY had stock, and so I couldn't resist. Well, it seems to be living up to all the hype. Even le hubby likes it! We had the mask on the other night, and it freaked the heck out of Cupcake!!! LOL

And this...has got to be the best thing ever:
Pure Tea Tree Oil by JASON ~ PhP 500 something @ Healthy Options
This stuff is ⓛⓞⓥⓔ!!!! Dries up zits, prevents scarring, gets rid of dandruff, etc..etc..etc.. It's like a cure all!! (kinda like WINDEX? LOL) The smell isnt for everyone, though. Cupcake put her hand over her nose and gave me a questioning look when i was putting the oil on my face. HAHAHA...But i happen to like the minty, tea-ish, herbally smell. It's refreshing and "healthy"-smelling. I put a drop of this in my cleanser/ facial wash, and dab some on my zit marks before going to bed. So far, so good!!

So, my skin is ALMOST back to it's pre-havock state. Yey for these products that helped me out!


..stands for SUgba (grilled) + TUwa (soup/stew) + KILaw (raw seafood pickled in vinegar).

The hubby had been craving for this for weeks, and so we finally took the time to go to Mactan and feed his craving. 
..the long drive had us working up an appetite!!
Take your pick from the day's fresh catch, and have them cook it the way you want.

shrimps in chili garlic sauce, kinilaw na takubo, grilled fish, squid adobo

YUM YUM!!!  needless to say, we were too hungry to camwhore. hehe 

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